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NIVEA memory, popular for a hundred years of blue tin box
2019-09-09 19:46:54

NIVEA memory, popular for a hundred years of blue tin box

NIVEA is one of the most trusted skincare brands in the world.And the birth of nivea is gathered the wisdom of three people and concerted efforts to achieve.It all started in 1911.This year, chemist and visionary entrepreneur Oscar Troplowitz, PhD, discovered the potential of Eucerit (lanolin), the first oil-water emulsifier discovered by chemist Isaac Lifschutz.The emulsifier Eucerit, which solidifies oil and water in a stable frost, was originally used for medical purposes.


"In our memories, we can see mother every morning every night with nivea, we can remember that every time after taking a bath or go out and play before the white cream gently massage on skin feeling, we can think of my father put the nivea moisturizer as after-shave lotion or soothing ointment to use scenario."


It is this memory that has made this magical little blue pot an integral part of family life for generations to come.But once upon a time, this little blue pot was not blue at all.Nivea's first moisturizer, created in 1911, came in small yellow tin cans decorated with green vines, reflecting the art nouveau trend of the time.In 1925, nivea decided to reflect a more modern artistic style in its packaging, and blue and tin packaging was born. 


Since then, nivea's blue tin-can moisturizer has barely changed over time because of its unique flavor and soft, smooth texture.This may also be why nivea moisturizer can maintain a strong sense of identity and resonance among consumers.Because it's not just nourishing and trustworthy skin care products, its look, smell and texture can also remind us of our childhood. 


The taste of NIVEA blue iron pot is very elegant fragrance, full of a big pot, white and white, texture is especially like cream ice cream, it seems to be very thick.But after it touched it was amazing.Cream body is special soft, besmear a bit, the temperature that USES palm center first will cream body temperature is hot emulsive, touch a little below push very soft slippery was absorbed by the skin, a bit not greasy.Tin can

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