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Fashionable vaseline tin
2019-09-11 10:48:27

Fashionable vaseline tin

Previously said that "separated as separated mountain", not related to the industry really bad more than a cow.

Now, see singing when the host, when the host to act, act are to do live broadcast....All kinds of "crossing boundaries" are in full swing in real life.


Crossover trends are also common in the brand world.

Six gods x rui o, oreo x hand cream, Zhou Black Duck x lipstick...Brand manufacturers all day long thinking about doing packaging CP, launched a variety of can tide.


1. KFC & tin can


It's been a long time since KFC made its foray into cosmetics.The first product is nail polish, which is painted on a finger and left to eat for five minutes, with different colors representing different flavors.


That's right, Fried chicken, light, creamy, SPF 30.



2, Pepsi and vaseline tin

Different from the previous way of cooperation, the two parties no longer do a simple joint sign, but set up a "everything is happy" CP, for the aesthetic needs of young consumers at present in-depth insight, to create a "mini version" of Pepsi vaseline lip protection tin.


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