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Coca-Cola tin can packaging design innovation
2019-09-17 17:49:45

Coca-Cola tin can packaging design innovation


As a beverage business

Delayed design firm

Since the establishment of the brand

In can packaging design

Has been playing quite 666~

tin can

In order to pay tribute to

40 years of development in China

Coca-Cola and CCTV finance

Launched a mini tin limited edition gift box

Communicated the brand tenet to us

"Time is changing, care about the same"

The appearance of the gift box was adopted

Arc bottle relief design

The gift box contains 4 mini tin cans

Silione pad, sticker book, tweezers

Silicone pad on the top

With a mini pot play tutorial

tin can

China TINSING focus on research and development of tin production for 20 years, through the coke/Disney inspection has more than 30 major brands services to our clients, such as Coca-Cola tin cans, unilever tin boxes, budweiser tin cup , Disney  gift cans, the YETI tin can, NIVEA tin can, l 'oreal tin , perfect tin can, VASELINE tin box, VASELINE cans, etc

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