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  • Tinplate gift tin can
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Product Abstract:

Dongguan Tiansheng Cannery produces custom tins, tins, tins, tins gift wrapping tins, tea tins, pencil tins, ballpoint pen tins, fresco tins, nail tins, clip tins, ruler tins. Tin gift cans manufacturers, tinplate gift cans set cans, tinplate gift cans packaging, tinplate gift cans open window cans.

Product Description
A, tinplate gift tin material profile:
Tinplate (English tinplate) is the abbreviation of tin-plated cold-rolled steel sheet. It is a high-quality low-carbon (carbon content <0.13%) steel sheet coated with a very thin layer of tin (0.10-0.15um) metal material, also known as tin-coated iron sheet.
Two, tin gift tin advantages:
1, good mechanical properties, easy to transport and not easy to break.
2. Good printing performance, exquisite printing patterns, bright and beautiful trademarks.
3. Various shapes can be customized to meet various needs.
4. Meet international environmental requirements and can be recycled.
Iii. Tinplate gift tin can customization
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