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Electronic products packed tin box

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Product Abstract:

Dongguan tiansheng can factory produces custom tinplate tin, electronic tin box, electronic tin box packaging tin, tea tin box, food tin box, clamshell tin box, candy tin box, pushpin tin box, clip tin box, ruler tin box. Electronic tin box manufacturer, electronic tin box set can, electronic tin box packaging, electronic tin box window can.

Product Description
Ii. Advantages of Electronic tin box
1, good mechanical performance, easy to transport and not broken.
2, good printing performance, beautiful printing patterns, bright and beautiful trademarks.
3. Various shapes can be customized to meet various needs.
4, meet the international environmental requirements, can be recycled.
Iii.Electronic tin box customization:
1) the size of iron box: there are many molds in the factory. Under normal circumstances, the length, width or diameter are the same, and the height can be adjusted.
2) iron box material: 0.23mm tinplate can be normally used, or 0.23-0.28mm tinplate/frosted iron/imported iron can be used
3) iron box price: according to the specific parameters such as sample technology, quantity and printing color.
4) iron box printing: four-color printing and spot color printing, the surface can be gloss oil, matte oil, iron transmission, rubber oil, explosion oil, etc.
5) can technology: can make gongs bottom, buckle bottom, two stretch, 3D relief, shrink mouth, laser, welding and other effects.
6) iron box packaging: universal packaging OPP bag + carton, also can be customized.
7) iron box proofing: please provide the AI/PDF/CDR file of the original design draft, and the normal proofing will take 10 days.
8) bulk iron box: within 30 days of 50,000 pieces.
9) payment method: 30% down payment, no problem after product inspection, settle balance payment and ship.
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